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By Joe Monaco 13 Dec, 2017
I remember a small plaque hanging in my uncle’s den when I was a kid. The black type on that worn wooden disk advised, “Never expect anything, and you’ll never be disappointed."

As a child, it made little sense to me. However, as an adult who has spent my entire career working in the staffing industry, I now realize how insightful an expression it is. Expectations are the filter through which every upcoming experience is calibrated. The more we expect, the more intensely we judge the result. If you want consistently great outcomes, it’s critical to manage your practices to the commensurate expectation.

At Elite Technical, we strive to exceed expectations. For this reason, we actually go out of our way to disqualify candidates before choosing to submit them. And while it sounds counter-intuitive, we sometimes decline to pursue business with companies seeking to enlist our services. Why are we so selective about the very contractors and clients we hope to serve? Because we set our own expectations with a vision for great end results.

We base every future action on our ability to meet or exceed expectations for our clients, contractors and company. We begin every potential engagement based on those expectations. We then manage every action, including our diligent qualification process, to ensure that in the end, we have served all involved parties well!                   

So, imagine how disappointed I felt upon hearing recently that an Elite Technical-submitted candidate had backed out of a placement after being selected by the hiring manager. Fortunately, this rarely happens. But when it does, it really hurts. That candidate missed an opportunity to grow with a great company, that client lost critical time in the hiring process during a peak season, and our team spent a lot of time on a placement that didn’t work out. No party achieved their expected outcome, and we are ultimately accountable for that.

Managing expectations is why we ask tough questions. We must evaluate more than a candidate’s skill level, experience and history to meet them. We also try to learn as much as we can about the tangible and intangible characteristics of each client’s culture and preferred candidate character traits. We must elicit the maximum amount of information available, on both sides, to assess the likelihood that a given candidate will accept the job, assimilate into the client’s corporate culture and successfully fulfill the technical and/or functional requirements of the position for which the candidate is hired. When achieved, that result would meet or exceed even the loftiest expectations of everyone involved. That’s our job.

What expectations do you have for your own work, relationships and processes? How do you meet them?


First, set clear expectations for actions and results needed when you engage in a project or business relationship.

We know there can be bumps in the road. We understand that sometimes we'll need a contingency plan. But, to ensure desired results, work toward the best possible outcome from the start—by outlining expectations as you begin, and then managing your process to meet them. For example: At Elite Technical, we start candidate relationships by ensuring that our candidates consciously choose Elite Technical. We execute Right-to-Represent Agreements with all our candidates. As a result, our clients can trust that each candidate we submit has signed us as their sole representative for the position sought. In essence, they know what to expect at contract time when they choose to hire the person we submit.

Second, communicate clearly, concisely, consistently and comprehensively to make sure everyone understands all expectations.

At Elite Technical, we communicate to each candidate what it means to be an Elite Technical contractor and tell them what they can expect from our team with respect to the recruitment-to-placement process. We share information about our recruiting and hiring processes, benefits packages and educational opportunities. We let candidates know that, if hired, they will become part of Elite Technical’s extensive contractor network which helps them stay apprised of market trends and skill-building opportunities, while making new contacts. We discuss contract terms and provide professional legal agreements that clearly spell out expectations for both parties. We further inform our candidates so they understand what to expect when they are on-boarded by Elite Technical and how to best prepare for a successful engagement with the company contracting for their services.

Third, consider the expectations of all stakeholders and create a plan to address them.

At the start of each engagement, we set expectations not only with candidates but for and with our clients, too. We let our clients know exactly what to expect from Elite Technical’s quality-managed team throughout the process and even after hiring. As a trusted partner, we detail skills and also share what we learn from the rigorous assessments and behavioral interviews we conduct with candidates. Our professional submittal packages ensure that clients receive the information necessary for good hiring decisions. We present what we can do for our clients, and also we let our clients know what we need from them to do the best job possible.

Fourth, evaluate how well you met those expectations and implement changes needed for continuous satisfaction.

Elite Technical has spent more than 25 years building our reputation for upholding the highest standards of integrity and service to clients, candidates and contractors. During qualification and contracting processes, we dig deeply to help ensure that clients and contractors are delighted and their high expectations are satisfied. In the rare instance that an engagement doesn’t work out to everyone’s satisfaction, our replacement program provides a safety net. Upon client request, we get right back to our proven process for identifying a candidate who not only looks great on paper and during interviews, but is equally thrilled to meet our client’s needs throughout the project life-cycle. That's what  you can expect from Elite Technical.

Want to know more about how we qualify candidates and plan successful placements? Ask us.
Have a position you need us to fill? Tell us about it.
Have skills we are searching for? Let us know / submit your résumé.

By Joe Monaco 01 Dec, 2017

If you’re a hiring manager, you’ve probably been frustrated by recruiters who quickly submit candidates with great résumés and get your hopes up for a fast hire. Unfortunately, hopes are dashed when you later learn the candidate you want to engage is not available. Sound familiar? It should. This situation is endemic to the staffing industry—and totally preventable. We’ve got the right fix.

When competitive agencies deploy speed as their primary strategy for landing business, the result is often a decline in quality, transparency and ethics. Case in point: trigger happy staffing agencies who rush to submit candidates before a competitor beats them to the punch.

While timeliness is prized in the staffing industry, quality and integrity are absolutely critical. Without them, hiring is compromised. But, in haste, many agencies submit candidates without first establishing a relationship with them, properly credentialing the match or confirming the availability and inclination of the candidate.

The unethical practice of blind submittals (processed without the candidate’s knowledge and approval) creates headaches for hiring managers, ethical staffing providers and candidates alike. Lack of vetting and submittal ethics also diminishes quality control and often leads to multiple submittals of the same candidate by different vendors. This wastes time, lowers productivity and forces hiring companies to wrestle with policies regarding candidate ownership.

Consider a Better Strategy

One impetus for recruiters to jump the gun with submittals is the fact that companies often award the hire to the first agency making the submittal. We recommend a better approach: credit the candidate to the agency that took time to properly vet him/her and submit a Right-to-Represent (R2R) agreement from the start. Requiring an agency to submit an R2R along with the résumé would eliminate the issue of multiple submittals and help ensure a better match, and ultimately, a faster hire.

The Power of Right-to-Represent Platforms

Years ago, with a goal to increase transparency and engage qualified job seekers as active participants in the submittal process, Elite Technical pioneered SubmittalCheck(TM) a right-to-represent platform. This innovative technology serves as a digital handshake between a recruiter and a jobseeker, reducing conflicts such as last-minute back-outs and concerns caused by blind submittals. SubmittalCheck helps define the rules of engagement and protects the process by providing a staffing agency with a third-party-verified R2R certification. This assures hiring companies of recruiting integrity. SubmittalCheck demonstrates to hiring managers that the candidate is engaged in the process. At Elite Technical, we obtain an R2R agreement from every candidate before we submit. We also take time to assess each candidate’s willingness to take the position, if offered, which preempts the potential for last-minute back-outs.

When managed service providers, vendor management systems and hiring companies integrate right-to-represent platforms into the hiring process, everyone benefits—client, candidate and staffing company.

For more information, reach out to an Elite Technical recruiter at your convenience. We look forward to speaking with you.

By Joe Monaco 22 Nov, 2017

Most Everything You Learned About Thanksgiving is Wrong, according to a report by the same name in today’s edition of The New York Times (11.21.17). The article featured a historian’s view that the nation’s celebration of Thanksgiving as a day of gratitude and friendship between Native Americans and English settlers in 1623 is based on misinformation.

The reporter noted that the truth of how Pilgrims and Native Americans ended up feasting together is probably unknown. The imperfection of oral tradition and alleged embellishments over the years fuel the controversy. In fact, Thanksgiving wasn’t even official until President Abraham Lincoln declared a national day of gratitude in appreciation for Civil War victories in 1863, rather than an unusual social experience and shared harvest between cultural groups.

Who knew?

Does it really matter when or how Thanksgiving began? We believe the spirit of Thanksgiving and the acts we do today are what count most. We believe sharing a meal brings people closer together, and cultivating gratitude leads to the happiness and fulfillment so important in life and work.

There’s no need to debunk Thanksgiving. The world is better for its spirit. Findings of a 2007 study by Robert Emmons, who researched gratitude through a psychological lens, found that expressing gratitude improves mental, physical and relational well-being. Emmons concludes gratitude has the power to heal, energize and change lives. It impacts the experience of happiness, and the benefits of gratitude are long-lasting. Giving thanks is healthy!

At Elite Technical, Thanksgiving Day reminds us of the blessings we’ve enjoyed in shared partnership with our team, our contractors, our clients, and our community. Thanksgiving Day is one more opportunity to say “Thank You” to the many people who give meaning to the work we do each day. We thank you all.

As business leaders, we appreciate the way Ayn Rand characterized our Thanksgiving tradition. This Russian-American novelist born and educated in the USSR before immigrating to the U.S. in 1926, said: “Thanksgiving is a typically American holiday. The lavish meal is a symbol of the fact that abundant consumption is the result and reward of production,” said Rand, who authored The Fountainhead (1943) and Atlas Shrugged (1957), among other literary works.

Elite Technical’s talent recruiting team  worked productively in 2017 to ensure excellent placements for the skilled IT and Engineering experts we represent, as well as the companies we supply. Our team is still at it, and we are grateful for their success. As we prepare for Thanksgiving travels, bountiful meals, and moments with family, we appreciate the spirit of people who strive each day to serve the needs of others and, in doing so, enjoy the rewards of their hard work and generous spirit. It is both deserved and appreciated.

May you also enjoy a blessedly productive life of abundance with many reasons for Thanksgiving, today, tomorrow and always.
By Joe Monaco 15 Nov, 2017

As technical recruiters, when we interview a consultant for IT or Engineering positions, we ask about the candidate’s career game plan. If you’re our candidate, we need to know where you want your career to be next year, three years from now, and five years down the line. Why is that important? Seeing the big picture helps pin down the actions and details needed to get you there.

Knowing where you want to go helps our technical recruiters determine the best placements for you. A frank, two-way discussion with your recruiter can help you break through career inertia. Identifying specific job opportunities is one benefit; exposure to a fresh, data-driven perspective on your objectives is another.  

Discussing your goals also helps clarify your criteria for the jobs you want, which makes  it easier for you to be strategic when pursuing and accepting career opportunities. Your criteria may include a specific company or geographic location, a pay rate that makes it easier to support your lifestyle, and a workplace culture that matches your personality. Perhaps your criteria will include an opportunity to expand your comfort zone or learn new skills.

As a technical recruiting agency, Elite Technical adheres to our own criteria for IT and engineering candidate placements. Among other things, we target individuals with a demonstrated success record and the ability to work effectively in a team environment. We want people who communicate well and demonstrate reliability. We also look for the same high level of commitment to ethics and integrity that we bring to work every day.

Career Advice: How to Achieve Your Career Goals

To advance your career, consider what motivates you to succeed. What impact will reaching your goals make on your life? What might get in your way? Clarity strengthens purpose.

• Be specific about what you want to achieve, and write down your goals. The more details you provide, the greater your chance of recognizing the right opportunities. Asking yourself open-ended questions about your intentions, then writing your answers brings clarity. Research demonstrates that putting pencil to paper, and physically writing your thoughts, helps strengthen your brain’s connection to your goals. Keeping a written copy also will provide a checklist and a mark in time against which you can assess progress.

• State your targeted career growth time frame, and work toward it by charting your next steps.

• Keep your career game plan checklist where you can see it and monitor your progress.

• If you feel overwhelmed, chunk down your list and approach your goal(s) one step at a time.

• If you find yourself falling off track, pick a step you can work on in the next day, week or month. That step might be as simple as refreshing your resumé, hiring a business coach, checking the Elite Technical Job Board , or registering for a technology certification program. As you make progress, your motivation will grow.

• Identify what you must learn to master challenging objectives; then identify the resources you need. You might need to improve your interview skills, build social media connections, or add an in-demand skill set to your resume. You also might need to identify a training program or necessary financial resources. Meeting those needs starts with a first step forward.

To support your technical career plan, contact the Elite Technical team. We’ve got resources we’re happy to share.
By Joe Monaco 02 Nov, 2017
Elite Technical opened its doors November 2, 1992 as a humble home-based startup with a dream.  Today, we are privileged to mark our 25th year as a provider of top-tier technology talent to the nation's leading companies. And, we have you to thank for it.

We owe our success to the many companies who took a chance on our small firm over the years; a trusted corps of accomplished Information Technology and Engineering consultants who expertly serve our clients every day; and our dedicated group of corporate associates, several of whom have been with our team since Day One. Serving you all has been our pleasure and privilege.

As we embark on our next quarter century, the Elite Technical team is grateful to the many people who made our growth possible. Your unflagging support gifted us with tremendous opportunity to grow our own business and help many others in the process. We love that we've been able to pay it forward.

"The opportunity to serve, to help develop the careers of our consultants, and to impact the mission-critical projects of our clients leaves us both honored and humbled," said Joseph Monaco, Senior Vice President and Co-Founder. "We recognize the staggering role technology advances make in business and society and we are thrilled to play even a small part."

At Elite Technical, we have always been proud to honor our solid heritage of excellence, integrity, respect, transparency and service. We are passionate as ever about our mission, our people, and the role we play in shaping careers and companies.

"We have worked every day of the last quarter-century to exceed customer expectations and ensure progress for our clients, consultants and company alike," said Donna Keller, President and Co-Founder. "We have great appreciation for the opportunity to partner with so many well-regarded people and companies over the years. In the words of Henry Ford, 'Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.' "

Technology touches billions of lives each day. We are honored to keep many hands on the pulse and deeply grateful to all who have made Elite Technical's last 25 years possible.

We'll see you on the journey forward!

By Joe Monaco 31 Oct, 2017
A recent survey found that 91% of job seekers believe technology has made the job search process significantly more effective; at the same time, 87% believe technology makes the process more impersonal, according to featured news on the American Staffing Association website.

While we love technology, the heart of our business from Day One has been our people: our inside team, those we’ve embraced as Elite Technical consultants and the clients we serve. Our high-tech operation has been solidly high-touch from the get go!

Why High-Touch Is a Powerful Business Strategy

1.  As the saying goes, people want to do business with people they like and trust. To like and trust you, they need to know you. They need to hear you speak, sense how you think, and tell you what’s important to them, too. They need to believe you have their best interest at heart. That requires a personal connection.

2.  While it takes more time to have a conversation than to zip off an email, time invested in real discussion leads to the deeper insights needed to serve candidates and companies well. When people experience the trust and rapport built through expert service, they are more likely to stay engaged. It’s a win-win.

3.  We believe employee loyalty and retention are essential to business success. Great experiences enhance loyalty. 89% of companies cite customer experience as a key factor driving loyalty and customer retention. Candidates and employees are our customers. Fostering meaningful experiences for customers (especially Millennials who thrive on experiences) leads to greater longevity, which contributes to a stronger bottom line. (It costs five times less to keep a customer happy than to find a new one.) Again, win-win.

4.  When we dig deeper into a candidate's past and potential contributions through personal dialog, we seize an opportunity to strengthen the relationship. We learn why and how to value those candidates; we gather information that teaches us how to respect and regard them. This business intelligence fosters the deeper engagement needed for those long-term, high-value relationships that serve every business well.

Wonder how well our high-touch approach works at Elite Technical? Here’s what a contractor told us:

".... From the first e-mail exchange between us and the first telephone call I received, [my Elite Technical recruiter] has consistently shown me he cares about me. I can tell he cares about me from the tone of his communications and the subject matter we discuss. [He] consistently follows up with me in a very timely manner regarding issues of import to Elite Technical and me ... Everything about [him] says he is a professional who not only takes his work seriously, but deep down really cares about the people he works with .... I feel like I have a good friend in [him], although we have never met in person. In my opinion, that speaks volumes about the kind of person he is …” M. Busby, Systems Engineer

Learn more about Elite Technical contractor experiences at:

By Elite Technical 27 Oct, 2017

Elite Technical is privileged to place talented technology consultants with leading companies throughout the year. In September, our recruiting teams and account managers celebrated our new placements because we believe in celebrating a job well done. Wondering what positions we filled? Check out highlighted placements below.

Field Technician - Supporting a highly regarded IT services client, Elite Technical placed a mid-level Field Technician in the Treasure Coast region of Florida. The project involves modernizing much of the existing network/telecom backbone for a large State’s voice/data systems.

Are you seeking placement as a Field Technician? Contact us.  

Software Engineer  - Elite Technical also placed a senior level Software Engineer with strong Object Oriented C/C++ programming experience who will write front-end applications in a Linux environment for accessing an innovative camera device. Are you a Software Engineer looking for a new placement? Let us know your goals.  

Security Engineer - We also placed a Security Engineer who will provide complex engineering analysis and support for firewalls, routers, networks and operating systems. This engineer also will perform and evaluate vulnerability scans within a multi-platform, large enterprise environment.

Seeking a position in Data Security? Ask us who we know. 

Tune in again next month for an update on new placements, and check out Elite Technical’s Career page on LinkedIn here.   Know a talented consultant seeking his or her next placement? Please share our information.

  An Innovative Technology Services Company – Driven by Talented People

We are passionate about serving our clients. How can we help you?

Founded in New York in 1992, Elite Technical is a privately held, certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB). Talent recruiting is our core expertise.

From our humble genesis as a home-based startup, Elite Technical grew into a nationally recognized provider of Information Technology and Engineering talent. Today, our respected client base includes leaders in Aerospace, Defense, Commercial Enterprise, Financial IT, Healthcare IT, Media, Power & Energy, as well as top-tier federal systems integrators and key governmental agencies.

To learn more about Elite Technical’s capabilities, please give us a call at 1-800-ELITE-50. 

By Elite Technical 16 Jan, 2016

Finding the right IT Professional Services Company is important, but not always easy. Here are five traits you should look for that will save you time and money.

General economic improvement, uptick in technology spending, and the rapid migration to mobile platforms and cloud computing is causing more companies to invest in technology. According to the Gartner Worldwide IT Spending Forecast, IT spending is projected to accelerate from 2014 to 2017 at an annual rate of over 3.5%. This means that a lot more investing will happen in technology and with all this spending, there will be many IT service companies clamoring for attention.

Finding the right IT Professional Services Company to partner with is very important, but is not always easy. Here are five traits you should look for when seeking out an IT Professional Services Company that will save you time and money and ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget.

By Elite Technical 02 Jan, 2016

Staff augmentation is the solution many companies are using because it is most effective in helping them when it comes to the needs of their business. Here are a few reasons why Staff Augmentation may benefit your business.

Even though the US economy has been steadily growing the last four years (according to a myriad of economic indicators) many American companies are still uneasy about the future prospects of the health of the recovery. The tepid economic environment has caused most American companies to be extremely cautious about expanding their staff, which can be seen in the monthly hiring reports released by the Labor Department and ADP.

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