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Direct Hire Staffing Services

Benefits of Working with a Direct Placement Recruiter

Are you ready to expand your IT or Engineering team? Do you need employees who will quickly add value to your operations and hang in for the long haul? Elite Technical can fill your openings with highly qualified individuals at all levels of the IT arena. Need staffing insight too? Our account managers will share information and industry statistics to help you design an IT environment and recruitment packages that attract and retain top talent.

We understand the stress, time, and money that goes into adding or replacing employees—and we provide effective relief.  The intensive preparation and scrutiny needed to locate, qualify and interview quality candidates is a lengthy process that takes time from your core responsibilities. By working with Elite Technical’s direct hire recruiters, you can focus your efforts where they belong while we take care of your staffing needs.

Our professional recruiting services are cost-effective because we have built the connections and technology needed to quickly identify the right candidates. And, with 25 years of experience recruiting thousands of IT and engineering candidates for hundreds of companies, we lower the risk of bad hires while also bolstering productivity and profitability.

Elite Technical's Recruiting Process

We guarantee we will find and secure the talent you’re looking for; how can we be so sure? Elite's Technical IQS Recruitment Process ensures your satisfaction with careful Identification of potential candidates, expert Qualification process, and an industry-leading Submittal package. For more information about our process, speak with our expert team.

We take the time to understand your business’ culture, short and long-term goals, and staffing needs. Then, we begin our customized search from a pool of the most qualified candidates. After our pre-screening and initial interviews, we are able to discern the right candidates and submit only those who match your unique needs and requirements.

Our Direct Placement IT staffing professionals have cultivated relationships with the very best talent in the industry; our partnerships allow us to recruit and secure the best people for your specific needs. 

Want Better Hires, Faster? We Deliver Great People in a Timely Way.

Call us at 1-800-ELITE-50 to speak with a staffing expert today.

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