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A Quarter Century of Recruiting Experience, Expertise & Excellence

When it comes to talent, every company wants the best.  Lower your risk of headaches and bad hires by contacting Elite Technical about your staffing needs.
Our expert recruiting services quickly identify solid candidates with the skills and experience our clients need. Over the past 25 years, we have reached out to, screened, scrutinized, interviewed, background checked and placed thousands of high-quality IT and engineering experts with hundreds of companies. The result is enhanced productivity and profitability for our clients.

Elite Technical's Recruiting Process

Elite Technical’s IQS Recruitment Process ensures your satisfaction with careful Identification of potential candidates, expert qualification protocols, and a distinctive submittal package. Elite Technical has invested heavily in its technology infrastructure, people and systems to ensure you will receive qualified and reliable technical talent when you need it.


First, we will engage Elite Technical's experienced quality engineers, who previously worked as hands-on IT and engineering professionals, in scrutinizing your requisition(s). These individuals possess deep understanding of complex technology and IT requirements and share their insights with our recruiting teams, which allows us to better target those specific candidates needed to meet your staffing needs and significantly reduce your recruitment timeline. In addition to addressing your technical skill requirements, we will take the time to understand your business culture, short and long-term goals, and overall staffing strategy. Then, our senior technical recruiters will begin a customized search from a pool of the most qualified candidates, many of whom have already been pre-screened and entered in our proprietary database. Elite Technical constantly recruits new talent and actively engages with potential candidates through networking and searches. As a result, we have cultivated a vast network of high-quality connections in the technical sector, which we believe is a win-win-win.


Our initial screening and interview work is part of the painstaking assessment process Elite Technical recruiters follow to ensure the candidates we provide are properly qualified in their respective technology fields and possess broad experience in the variety of environments that you specify. Also, our attention to project and cultural fit fosters a positive experience from the outset. This minimizes the occurrence of candidate back-outs and early departures. Moreover, we treat our candidates and hires with sincere respect. We go out of our way to place our people with companies where they will be an excellent fit and highly productive. When our candidates come aboard, they enjoy working with Elite Technical because we care about placing them properly and then provide them with the support they need, including various benefits.


At Elite Technical, we focus on quality submittals over quantity. We will submit only those candidates who prove to be an excellent match for your unique needs and requirements. We will never make a “blind” submittal, We take the time needed to speak with and fully assess each of our candidates, rather than sending over resumes from candidates who have not been contacted about your specific requirements. At Elite Technical, we always provide a professional submittal package with our “Right to Represent” commitment and the detailed information intended to facilitate your decision-making.

Do You Value Competent, Responsive Service? We Provide It.

Over the past 25 years, our seasoned recruiters have cultivated relationships with the very best talent in the industry. Let us recruit and secure the best people for your specific needs. Elite Technical will respond to your technical requirements quickly and with uncommon competency.

For more detailed information about our Submittal Package or IQS process, please contact us. A member of our expert team will get back to you quickly. 

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