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We are grateful to be celebrating 25 years of success as a certified women-owned technology services company. From our humble genesis in 1992 as a home-based startup, Elite Technical has grown into a nationally recognized provider of Information Technology and Engineering services in commercial and federal markets. Talent recruiting is our core expertise. We're always seeking passionate, innovative and ambitious people to join our mission to help the tech sector advance our world. Get to know what we’re about – our culture, values and commitment to your satisfaction.

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By Joe Monaco 01 Dec, 2017

If you’re a hiring manager, you’ve probably been frustrated by recruiters who quickly submit candidates with great résumés and get your hopes up for a fast hire. Unfortunately, hopes are dashed when you later learn the candidate you want to engage is not available. Sound familiar? It should. This situation is endemic to the staffing industry—and totally preventable. We’ve got the right fix.

When competitive agencies deploy speed as their primary strategy for landing business, the result is often a decline in quality, transparency and ethics. Case in point: trigger happy staffing agencies who rush to submit candidates before a competitor beats them to the punch.

While timeliness is prized in the staffing industry, quality and integrity are absolutely critical. Without them, hiring is compromised. But, in haste, many agencies submit candidates without first establishing a relationship with them, properly credentialing the match or confirming the availability and inclination of the candidate.

The unethical practice of blind submittals (processed without the candidate’s knowledge and approval) creates headaches for hiring managers, ethical staffing providers and candidates alike. Lack of vetting and submittal ethics also diminishes quality control and often leads to multiple submittals of the same candidate by different vendors. This wastes time, lowers productivity and forces hiring companies to wrestle with policies regarding candidate ownership.

Consider a Better Strategy

One impetus for recruiters to jump the gun with submittals is the fact that companies often award the hire to the first agency making the submittal. We recommend a better approach: credit the candidate to the agency that took time to properly vet him/her and submit a Right-to-Represent (R2R) agreement from the start. Requiring an agency to submit an R2R along with the résumé would eliminate the issue of multiple submittals and help ensure a better match, and ultimately, a faster hire.

The Power of Right-to-Represent Platforms

Years ago, with a goal to increase transparency and engage qualified job seekers as active participants in the submittal process, Elite Technical pioneered SubmittalCheck(TM) a right-to-represent platform. This innovative technology serves as a digital handshake between a recruiter and a jobseeker, reducing conflicts such as last-minute back-outs and concerns caused by blind submittals. SubmittalCheck helps define the rules of engagement and protects the process by providing a staffing agency with a third-party-verified R2R certification. This assures hiring companies of recruiting integrity. SubmittalCheck demonstrates to hiring managers that the candidate is engaged in the process. At Elite Technical, we obtain an R2R agreement from every candidate before we submit. We also take time to assess each candidate’s willingness to take the position, if offered, which preempts the potential for last-minute back-outs.

When managed service providers, vendor management systems and hiring companies integrate right-to-represent platforms into the hiring process, everyone benefits—client, candidate and staffing company.

For more information, reach out to an Elite Technical recruiter at your convenience. We look forward to speaking with you.

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