IT Consultants


From Help Desk to CTOs, We Will Deliver to You IT Professionals with a Demonstrable Record of Success

IT Consultant Staffing

Providing expertise in the manner that best meets your business strategy!

Elite Technical excels at matching our clients you with fully vetted, skilled IT consultants who are subject matter experts in their area of specialty. You benefit by way of targeted knowledge, exceptional performance and increased productivity.

Our clients know that we invest great time and effort to identify, recruit and on-board superior IT talent. And our ability to provide a rapid response to client needs with expert IT professionals helps ensure that our clients can save time, keep current projects on schedule, confidently plan for upcoming projects and reduce overall costs.

Companies that employ Elite Technical IT Consultant services continually receive high value.

Experienced Elite Technical in-house IT professionals align talent to customer needs using a proprietary Talent Tracking System which reduces project ramp-up time with quality candidates and redirects “talent risk” away from the customer.

Having Elite Technical IT consultants staffing your projects reduces payroll, HR and facility costs, which can reduce operating costs by 20%.

Elite Technical sales engineers understand complex technology and IT requirements, which gives us unsurpassed ability to quickly identify and deliver the best consultant match for your exact needs and significantly reduce your recruitment timeline.

Elite Technical offers a number of consultant engagement models (contract, SOW, etc.) which give you the flexibility to utilize our consultants’ expertise in the manner that best meets your business strategy.

Our IT consultants are well qualified in their respective technology fields and possess extensive experience in a variety of environments. At Elite Technical, we go out of our way to place them with companies where they will fit best and be the most productive. This commitment to quality and attention to detail advances Elite Technical’s mission to respond to your technical requirements quickly and with uncommon competency.

Elite Technical IT Consultants are prepared to provide you with immediate support; from helping to plan your project, allocating its budget, scheduling timelines and execution. For more information, or to immediately engage Elite Technical’s IT Consultant services, call us at 1-800-ELITE-50. Our dedicated team of Elite Technical professionals is poised to assist you in any way they can.

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