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We give you personalized, small-business agility with enterprise level capabilities. We save you time and money. Our candidate validation process removes conflicts and provides at-a-glance information. Our unique technology drill-down ensures excellent compliance with role requirements. And, our highly efficient Woman-Owned Small Business delivers the results you expect.

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Values Driving the Elite Technical Enterprise

Dedicated to Our Mission to Fill Great Tech Jobs with Great People

Elite Technical is committed to serving the needs of our clients, partners, consultants and team members.
We believe our growth over the last quarter century derived from our commitment to deeply held values, ongoing vigilance and a tenacious commitment to diligence at work. Learn more about our values below.


We believe in setting high standards and adhering them. We believe in doing what we say we will do. We value honesty and forthright communication and ensuring that clients, customers, partners and team members can trust us to have their best interest at heart and perform effectively every day.


We believe in delivering excellence at every point in our service continuum. We believe our commitment to excellence helps ensure that our clients, partners, consultants and team members will achieve their goals and is responsible for our longstanding success. Commitment to  excellence in all we do means we work hard to minimize and/or eliminate the chance of error and reduce risk for our customers. We value excellent outcomes.


We pride ourselves on constant results-oriented improvement. We embrace innovative solutions when, through rigorous and clear-eyed evaluation, they add value to the success of our clients and to our business. We maintain an open mind, and encourage our partners to do the same.

Reliable Communication

We base our relationships on open and honest dialogue. This is the key to building trust and forging long=term partnerships with both clients and candidates – always striving to exceed expectations.


Our hard-earned reputation for integrity and ethics means everything to us. For over 25 years, we’ve conducted our client interactions in a transparent, respectful and accountable fashion.


Our passion is working with talented people and connecting them with excellent companies. We strive to be our clients’ most trusted business partner – helping them achieve success, generate high-value return on investment and create new opportunities through expertise, experience and competence.


Elite Technical is committed to serving the needs of our key constituents with excellence professionalism and integrity.


We fully immerse ourselves in each customer’s IT and Engineering environment to understand critical goals, develop measures of success, and meet challenges with expert human talent and technical solutions.

Federal Teaming Partners

We are a proven high-value partner in bid, capture, and delivery systems by offering Certified WOSB certification, security credentials, relevant past performance, and teams with extensive experience in contract teaming.

Team Members

We provide a rewarding path for career enhancement, foster alliance with the Elite Technical community and empower team members to utilize their skills and expertise to move careers and business forward.

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